GE Makeathon | Group project  | 48 hours | 2015

In cooperation with Eduardo Ferreira, Mans Hellgren, Isak Dener Lundberg, Yue Yuan

MY CONTRIBUTION research, rapid prototyping, filmmaking

SpirO is an elastic band that detects breathing patterns associated with stress and activates vibrations guiding user toward more healthy breathing pattern.

Problem definition



How can we reduce negative impact of stress?


Lack of positive breathing patterns

How can we introduce positive breathing patterns?


Bad siting position

How can we promote better sitting position by following positive breathing patterns?


Sedentary lifestyle

How can we introduce more breaks into users workday?




Our solution provides user with biofeedback in order to teach them positive breathing patterns that minimize stress and helps maintaining balanced life-style.

Short training

SpirO is meant to guide user in the time of training and after that period they would be able to apply positive patterns on their own. It is a solution supporting prevention of life-style diseases.

ge_wireframe-sketch_01 (3).jpg

Senses breathing rhythm and intensity

Piezoelectric fabric


Breathing guidance




Icons by Ivan ColicOliviu StoianCreative Stallicon 54 and Romzicon

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