Group project  | 2013 - 2014

In cooperation with Little is known | Supported by Association of Creative Initiatives 'ę'

MY CONTRIBUTION UX design, co-creation, community project

Winter edition of a map of green areas in Warsaw. Non-profit project responding to the needs of local community.


Problem definition

'Do not walk on the grass' 

Over the years we grew accustomed to the 'do not walk on the grass' policy and even when the law has changed it did not influence behavior. We wanted to make Varsowians feel in green areas like home. 


Reshaping relationship with green areas

Our goal was to give citizens opportunity to rediscover parks and grassy squares as a place to play, do sports and spend time with friends.


Users research

We also collected informations about users needs and worries. Tools used in the process included informal contextual interviews, tagging places and creating narrations.



Our project was build around multiple touchpoints with a strong focus on co-creation. Workshops and group walks helped us to  collect information and stories about green areas in the city.

Identified problems


Users don't know other districts than they own

Users don't have time


Users don't believe there are nice places in the city

Users are concern about safety



Online map

Map allows users to discover green areas around three starting points in the city. Project is based on an idea of circles that show the distance to a different circles - 5, 15 and 30 minutes away from the spot.

Printed map

To avoid exclusion of the citizens who don't own mobile technology we prepared printed version of the map. We decided that blue color will be best for winter edition of the map signalizing that grass might be hidden under snow and ice. 



We like open-endings. We like sequels.


Project RośnijWAW was invited to cooperate with municipality of Warsaw.

Icons by Creative Stall.